Achieve Simplicity and Perfection in Every Product with Custom Plastic Tray Packaging that Fuses Usability and Aesthetics

bes multi trays

When you choose to have your tray packaging designed and manufactured from us, we know your customers will appreciate the functionality we provide. For us, plastic tray packaging is synonymous with product usability.

We believe that true quality isn’t really achieved until the performance of a product meshes perfectly with its intended purpose. Our custom tray systems are designed to fulfill just that. By the time we are done creating your tray packaging, your customers won’t know the difference between the package itself and the contents inside.

Here are a few of the features you will get with our custom plastic tray systems:

  • Ideal for shipping, sorting, storage, inspection, auto-feed and assembly
  • Single or multi-compartment divisions
  • Shock and vibration dampener
  • Limited-time or continuous use
  • Point-of-purchase display
  • Stackable for parts protection while storing or moving in-plant, plant to plant, or anywhere in the world
  • Optional conductive, static dissipative, or anti-static features

Invest in your products today, and take your customer’s experience to a whole new level. You can contact us here by phone, email, or by filling out the form.

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