Clamshell Packaging Design

Custom Clamshell Packaging

Products sold in clamshells sell better compared to other in store packaging options. Our custom clamshell packaging provides an aesthetically pleasing solution ideal for showing off your product in stores.

. 3-D color drawings or prototypes available.

Custom Clamshell

Semi-Custom Plastic Clamshell Packaging

Combine our economical stock clamshells with custom inserts to provide an extremely affordable, versatile packaging design that highlights your product’s visual features while saving you the cost of a complete custom clamshell packaging.

Clamshell testing kits

Interactive or Tri-fold Plastic Clamshell Packaging

We’ll create the solutions to YOUR customers’ needs to touch or try out products without ripping open and destroying the packaging.

This saves “returned due to damage” costs because the package never gets opened prior to sale.

Interactive Tri-Fold Clamshell
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