BES Packaging Corporation: Packaging Design Company serving Chicago for the last 40 years

At BES Packaging Corporation, unlike other plastic packaging companies we make a practice of thinking outside the box—creatively engineering the best possible solutions for your specific needs. When we design your packaging using our command of CAD/CAM and CNC technology, it’s tailor-made to fit your objectives, your plan, your product.

We approach each job with as much thought and care as if we, ourselves, were the customer. Our primary aim is to identify and provide the best and most affordable thermoformed options available. For example, our unique insert designs cost less than half what a competitor might charge you to design the same package.

A History of Success

With over 45 years experience, BES has built a solid reputation in the thermoforming industry among customers and other plastic packaging companies. We are known for producing designs that work. As such, many customers are referred to us by others who have benefited from our creativity, quality, and outstanding customer service. Most come in search of a better solution to a unique packaging problem and remain with us as long-time customers.

Forward Thinking Design

Because we care about our customers’ growth and development, at BES we make it a point to incorporate flexibility for the future in each custom design we create. Our forward thinking design services can save you time and money when and if package modifications are required.


Through the years, BES Packaging has chosen to remain a small, responsive outfit, which is something our customers truly appreciate. At BES, customers avoid the red tape inherent in larger operations and get answers within hours, rather than days.

Low Profile

Our customers include some of the biggest, most successful manufacturers in America, but it’s not in our nature to “show and tell.” Our confidential, proprietary design service has helped many a customer enjoy a competitive advantage. Best of all, every BES customer benefits from our personal attention, straight talk, fair pricing and timely service—for we believe how we provide solutions is as important as the solutions themselves.

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