Gray Trays

Experience quality design and great functionality with our custom trays, designed to fulfill their purpose perfectly.

Bes Packaging Corp Clamshells

Choose from three of our clamshell product packaging designs that fit the unique function and shape of your product.

Stainless steel on a table to be packaged

Get cost effective, 3-D molded blister packaging solutions with a variety of card graphics and plastics to choose from.

Constructed Package for design

With over 40 years of experience in packaging design and product marketing services, our company can manufacture durable, attractive packaging designs that are cost effective and quickly produced. Contact us to schedule an onsite consultation and begin your design.

Packaging Design Company

Our Thermoform Plastic Design Company Offers Supplies with Efficiency and Precision So You Get Cost Effective Quality Production Every Time

We don’t want to talk to you about your product packaging. You already know that it needs to be perfect. You know that your products not only need to be secure, but that they should market their best features right from the shelf. That’s why we perform all our designing, prototyping, mold making and forming at our own facility here in Elk Grove Village, IL. Now that’s worth talking about.

What Does It Mean to Perform All Our Work In-House?

It means that you get to work with us to create custom-made solutions that fit your products like a glove (literally). Every client we work with, whether it’s a small business or a fortune 500 corporation—gets first-hand knowledge on our approach to packaging. In other words, you get to control your budget, and we get to ensure that every packaging product we create is exactly what you want.

Sounds like a win-win solution to us. In fact, our current clients like what we do so much that we have remained loyal to our standards for over 45 years. They trust in us to take care of them, and we will make sure to take care of you too.

Not quite ready to make a decision? Take a moment to review some of our products and services. And if you don’t see something that works for you, we’ll find a way to make what you want. That’s why we perform all our designing, prototyping, mold making, and forming at our own facility here in Elk Grove Village, IL. But if you’re ready to keep this conversation moving forward, you can call us today at 847-350-0100.

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